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ImagesCal Version 2.0

Manage Events, Automatically Download Many Free Photos from the Web & Create Motivating Wall Calendars

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ImagesCal is an iOS App that gives you the ability to manage and add the same events and appointments you are used in your iOS device's calendar, in a much more versatile and enjoyable way.

***Add Extreme Versatility, Functionality and Ease to your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch Calendar***

ImagesCal is a highly interactive and innovative ios calendar app that empowers you to get MORE out of your device’s calendar! It’s ideal for professionals, students, busy moms and dads, and anyone else who appreciates extreme versatility, functionality and ease.

***Special Features***

- Manage the same calendar events found on your device with linked photos, pdf files, map locations, and contacts.
- Quickly create new events using saved templates.
- Easily navigate views (month, week, day list, agenda list, and transparent preview) by simply swiping your screen, or tap the header to choose a date from the date picker
- Use built in map to search for locations and what's nearby places to add to events and convert to contacts.
- Use web browser to add many links to events and take web page snap shots.
- Add as many custom alerts as you want before or after events.
- Add thousands of photos to your calendar from various sources: internet wallpaper, device albums, camera, web and map snapshots.
- Use the Web Photos interface to add your favorite vacation resorts wallpaper photos straight from the internet.
- Show Gregorian and Ethnic calendar for any year – past or future together or separate with your favorite photos.
- Add titles to your calendar images and search by title, date and location
- Share events, map locations, images, pdfs via nearby wifi, email, messaging and print
- Create and share custom wall calendar with your photos and events
- The app is like a chameleon that colors itself in your favorite color.
- Extensive Documentation with Quick Tips, PDF Guides, and Demo videos
- Beta tested on different iOS devices





ImagesCal is an iPhone calendar app (runs on iPad and iPod touch) that manages events and appointments while allowing you to view your favorite photos. The home screen of the ios app is split into two halves, a top half that contains the photo with an optional caption (title) and the bottom half is the month calendar. The bottom half changes per your request to show month, week, day list of events or agenda list of events.

ImagesCal iPhone Calendar App Home View ImagesCal iPhone Calendar App Week View
ImagesCal Home View ImagesCal Day View with User Home Color Set to Pink

The events and appointments are the same as the events from the iPhone calendar app that comes by default with the device. Whether you add your events from the native iPhone calendar app or using Apple's Siri voice recognition, the ImagesCal ios calendar app will show the same events.

ImagesCal iPhone Calendar App Add Events
ImagesCal uses a rich interface to add new events, and add photos, pdfs, contacts, locations, multiple custom alerts and set date, time and repeat options. It also features a built-in web browser that allows you to add many links and web page snap shots to your events.

The app includes a wall calendar pdf creator that can be sized to any custom size and include your photos, captions and color scheme of your choice. Share the pdf or print to an Airprint printer.

ImagesCal iPhone Calendar App Home Screen Slide Up 1 ImagesCal iPhone Calendar App Home Screen Slide up 2
ImagesCal Wall Calendar
PDF Creator
ImagesCal Web Photos

The app also includes a web photos interface allows you to search for and add your favorite wall paper photos to your calendar from search engines or websites.

ImagesCal iPhone Calendar App Add Events
ImagesCal iOS App features a rich map view interface to allow to search your contacts, map region and what's nearby to find businesses and places that can be added to your event. There is no limit set to the number of locations that can be added to an event, and tapping on the pin view shows the distance from the user and allows you to look at the business details, call the business, email, view website and add as a contact to your device.


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